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Dealing With World Health

It Is A Major Task - But We Are Not Alone

Dealing with the issues of a world which is full of millions of children and adults who are unable to afford basic healthcare may seem like a terribly overwhelming situation.

But mankind has been able to resolve world health issues before - and together, we can do it again!

Consider the triumphs of man in ridding the world of almost all outbreaks of these terrible diseases:

      • Smallpox
      • Polio

As members of the family of Man...together we CAN find ways to provide healthcare, including early disease detection, to all our family members! It will take time and it will take money - but it CAN BE DONE!

The following links can provide you with more information about the battle being waged to provide adequate healthcare on a worldwide basis:

The World Health Organization

Rotary International Polio Plus


United Nations Foundation

Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria

Pan American Health Organization



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