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He should not have to die just because his family is poor!



Welcome to Brittney Health Aids

A Non-Profit Corporation of Texas USA

The 1.7 billion children under age 15 who inhabit the earth today represent one third (32 percent) of the planet's population; 82 percent of these children (1.4 billion) live in the developing world.

Of those children in the developing world, 600 million of them are forced to survive off of less than one dollar each day; this is less than $365 each year. To put this into perspective, in the United States, a full-time worker at minimum wage grosses a grand total of $10,712. Many just cannot afford the luxury of healthcare nor early healthcare detection.

Children throughout the developing world suffer and die from a range of health epidemics. They include lead poisoning, simple vaccine-preventable diseases, malnutrition, lack of safe and clean water, and the HIV/AIDS virus, and other diseases. Furthermore, the parents and family of a child may not even realize that he or she is sick to begin with. Most often times though, people living in the third world are not educated enough to realize when there is a health problem. So by the time a health problem has been recognized and a doctor has been located, the child is practically incurable. So not only has there been a lengthy reaction time, health care facilities are rare in developing countries. In fact, the United Nations defines healthcare as being able to walk to a healthcare facility within a day’s time. So put it all together and ten million children under the age of five die each year.

Brittney Health Aids was formed to help alleviate this problem...the problem of illness, not just of children but of adults, in areas where large populations are too poor to afford adequate healthcare.

Brittney Health Aids is postured initially to provide rapid medical disgnostic self test kits worldwide. These kits are for the early detection of HIV, malaria, TB, hepatitis, dengue, pregnancy and many other conditions.

We are but one little candle attempting to light the way to a healthier world...but if all the little candles join together...what a great light we can shine! How can you help?

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